Friday May 31, 2013

Adding Where Garden Meets Wilderness to my library and TBR list, I thought my fellow book-clubbers might be interested in E. Calvin Beisner’s book as well.

Edith Schaeffer mentions ecology and environmental concerns in her sixth chapter of The Hidden Art of Homemaking.  

Ecology is a subject everyone is now discussing in a worried sort of frenzy. (1971) 

Mrs. Schaeffer presents perspective immediately by reminding us homemakers that our duty is first and foremost to our own plot of ground.

Nevertheless, we all know that we are bombarded with environmental data, challenged to re-cycle, and restricted by regulatory authorities.

That’s the reason for reading the analysis of a trusted writer who has researched the issues.  

Here’s a link to a 2006 informative interview of Beisner by Bill Moyers where you will get a glimpse into the debate.

While this title was originally published in 1997, Dr. Beisner continues to write about Christian stewardship of the environment at the Cornwall Alliance.

I rely on his insight and commend him to your attention.

A Christian, who realizes he has been made in the image of the Creator and is therefore meant to be creative on a finite level, should certainly have more understanding of his responsibility to treat God’s creation with sensitivity, and should develop his talents to do something to beautify his little spot on the world’s surface.
Edith Schaeffer


Read along with our book club by visiting Cindy Rollin’s blog, Ordo-Amoris.



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